Did you know that Spray Foam could render your home insurance invalid?

Home Loans and Spray Foam Insulation Problems

If you are planning to buy a property make sure there are no spray foam insulation problems because you may find that buyers have their home loan application is turned down.

Spray Foam Insulation Problems

Spray foam insulation removal is labour intensive. However, when the work is carried out by an experience company you can be sure the removal will be done professionally without too much disruption to your daily life.

There is an efficient way to remove spray foam

If you are worried about the resale value of your home because there is spray foam insulation in the roof space, there is a solution. A reputable spray foam removal firm will first assess any damage, offer a report on the work that needs to be done, and secondly, provide an estimate on how much the work will cost you.

Spray foam insulation has been a popular choice throughout the UK for a number of years. However, today this type of insulation is causing homeowners serious problems. The issues involve rotting roof timbers, mould, toxic odours, and other hidden problems caused by spray foam insulation. Whether closed or open cell foam is found in a roof, mortgage companies and banks may not consider lending on a property with spray foam insulation.

Were you missold Spray Foam Insulation?

You could seek compensation if you suffered distress and/or inconvenience because a contractor duped you into thinking spray foam insulation would save you money and better protect your home.

Spray Foam Insulation Can Affect your Mortgage

The resale prospects of a property with spray foam insulation can present a real problem. You may find that potential buyers are put off because a lender will not approve an application. With damage to roof timbers and the roof itself only getting worse over time, you may also find the only way to sell your home is to a cash buyer. A solution is to contact a reputable spray foam removal firm.

Remortgaging a Property With Spray Foam Insulation

In short, spray foam insulation will devalue a property to the tune of having a new roof installed and then some. Therefore, if your home has spray foam in a roof, attic, or loft you should think about having it removed. You should get in touch with a reputable spray foam removal firm.

How to Solve Spray Foam Insulations Home Loan Problems

There is an easier option than to have a new roof installed in your property. This is to contact a spray foam insulation removal company.

Choosing a reputable Spray Foam Removal Company

A reputable company will assess the damage caused by spray foam insulation in a roof, attic, or loft. These experts would provide an estimate on the cost of having the foam removed. Additionally, you would be provided with a timeframe on how long the work would take to carry out

Spray foam insulation removal is labour intensive. However, a reputable company with the right expertise will ensure the work is professionally, and in a timely manner. Furthermore, specialist will clean up when the work is done.

In short, having the spray foam insulation removed would be the answer to any remortgaging issues. A specialist spray foam insulation removal company would also solve problems of selling a property without you having to shell out a fortune on having a new roof installed.

There seems to be ever-increasing instances of scams relating to spray foam taking place with these rogue firms especially targeting the elderly.


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